Thekra Hasan Mohamed

Director of Zayed Herbal Complex- Center of Research and Innovation- Department of Health - AD

Dr. Thekra Hasan, Director of Zayed Herbal at the Department of Health- Abu Dhabi; the regulatory sector that regulates the healthcare facilities and professionals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Prior to joining DOH, Thekra was Pharmacy department manager at SEHA; she has an extensive experience in the pharmacy operation field, initially as a Clinical Pharmacist and then as Pharmacy Supervisor and as a medication safety officer. In addition, Thekra was the chair of SEHA Medication Safety Committee for several years. One of the most prominent achievements during that period was her contribution in implementation and the improvement in the compliance with the medication reconciliation process requirements among all SEHA facilities. This successful project was presented at the 32 nd International Society for Quality in Health Care Conference (ISQua’s ), which was held in Doha 2015.

Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Evaluation and Pharmaceutical Science from The University of Melbourne, Australia. After that, she received her Master degree in Medical Science- Pharmacology and Applied Toxicology-from UAE University in 2010. In addition and in order to enhance her knowledge in clinical research field she received the diploma in Clinical Research, Vienna School of Clinical Research. She has some international publications under her name in topics related to oxidative stress. Thekra was a recipient of the 2011 Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Award for the "Allied Health" Category. Through working as pharmacy manger, she was the champion of the Medication Management and Use chapter of the JCIA. Where she led the team while setting up pharmacy service policies, training and raising the awareness among all health care.

Dr. Thekra is a frequent speaker and panelist on pharmacy topics linked to medication safety, patient safety, dietary supplements and drug information and poison prevention. Currently, she is working with her team in regulating the antidote stock in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in addition she is a member of the National Pharmacovigilance Committee.