Salah Ali Hassan Menshawi

Brigadier/ Doctor Consultant of Forensic Toxicology (Head of Toxicology Department-Jeddah) -Comprehensive Specialized Clinics Security Forces- Jeddah.

1- King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital Jeddah- Saudi Arabia (2/10/93-6/6/97) Department of Biochemistry.

2- Comprehensive Specialized Clinics Security Forces. Head of Laboratory and Toxicology Departments (1998-2019) – Jeddah.

3- Teaching Principal and Clinical Toxicology Course (Pharm D students) in UM-AL-Qura University.2010.

4- Head of Toxicology and Laboratory Departments. Comprehensive Specialized Clinics Security Forces -Jeddah- Toxicology consultant (since 1/1/2012).

5- Director for Comprehensive Specialized Cynics Security Forces- Jeddah .(2016-2018)

6- Director for Jeddah Prisons Medical Centers (2020).