Teimuraz Kobidze

Associate Professor at Clinical Toxicology Department /Teaching Learning Course on Toxicology and Poisoning/

108 International Publications. Among them authorships of:
Monography “Morphological and Functional Criteria of Heart viability”. Tbilisi; “Mecniereba” 1982. P:1- 250.
Text Books and Complementary Text Books:
“Management of unidentified Poisonings”. Tbilisi 1992. P:1-50.
“Poisoning with unknown toxins”. Tbilisi 1992. P:1-120.
“Modern Antidotes and Antidote Therapy”. Tbilisi 2005. P:1-142.
“Symptomatic Diagnosis of Poisonings”. Tbilisi 2005. P:1-390.

Original chapters:
“Phosphororganic Insecticides”
In the text book by V. Afanasiev “Text Book of Toxicology Emergencies” published in Krasnodar, Russian federation, 2012.

Participant and organizer of 62 International Congresses/Conferences

Top qualified physician in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation. Tbilisi 1988.
Top qualifies physician in Toxicology. Tbilisi 1991.

Associate Professorship in the subject “Clinical Toxicology”.

Civil Awards:
Order of Excellency. Georgia; 2012.
2001-2022 President of Georgian Association of Clinical Toxicology
1997-2017 Full member of European Association of Toxicology Centers and Clinical Toxicologists.