Knut Erik Hovda

Clinical Consultant for the National Poison Control Center

Knut Erik Hovda, MD; PhD works as a clinical consultant at the Norwegian CBRNE Center of Medicine, Department of Acute Medicine, Oslo University Hospital in Norway. He is a clinical consultant for the National Poison Control Center and has worked with Médecins sans Frontieres (MSF/Doctors without Borders) since 2012 to develop the Methanol Poisoning initiative (MPi – see https://methanolpoisoning.msf.org), and has had several field missions with MSF in this regard.

KEH is a specialist in internal medicine and in emergency medicine, his PhD is in clinical toxicology. His primary research interest is toxic alcohols, metabolic acidosis, epidemiology of poisonings, recreational drugs, and toxicology in the developing world. He is involved in various innovation projects including the medical isolator EpiShuttle ( https://epiguard.com ) as a co-inventor, and as inventor and CEO of Orphan Diagnostics ( https://orphandiagnostics.com ) developing a methanol diagnostic tool.